Liven Up Your Health with a Plant-Based Enzyme Extract

Have you ever experienced eating all the healthy food and doing regular exercises, yet you still feel slow, sluggish, bloated, and tired?

If you have, this is your gut telling you that it needs help. This could be a sign that your gut lacked enzymes to break down the food that you intake into nutrients. Doctors always say that even if you eat the right foods, it will not be enough unless your body digests them properly. What does this mean? It means that a healthy diet will not be effective unless your body can properly process them.

That’s why it is important that your body has lots of enzymes. However, just like everything else, there are factors that can affect the digestive enzymes in your body. As you get older, your body may not be able to produce the right amount of enzymes needed. Here are the top five factors that lessen enzyme production in your body:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Aging
  • Pollution and an unhealthy environment
  • Secondhand smoking
  • Stress

When this happens, your body will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients from the foods that you eat and result in malnutrition, digestive stress, and other health issues.

Plants as Enzyme Supplements

How can you supplement the enzymes in your body? Raw plants—vegetables and fruits—also produce enzymes. However, cooking plants destroy their bountiful enzymes. And, studies show that on average an adult needs 3-5 bowls of raw vegetables and fruits every day to get the right amount of enzymes.

Eating that many raw vegetables and fruits can be hard for an adult. So, how can you get the proper daily dosage of enzymes?

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Why Choose

LIVEN™ is an extract from raw 24 vegetables and 9 fruits plus special secret herbs food supplements. It is an over-the-counter plant-based enzyme supplements that helps your digestive system initiate digestion in the stomach. Why choose LIVEN™? Here are four major reasons why:

FDA Approved

Make sure that the product you pick is FDA tested and approved. LIVEN™ is tested, certified, and approved by the Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These certifications and approval mean that LIVEN™ is safe and effective.

Enzyme Source

LIVEN™ is an extract from raw plants—24 vegetables, 9 fruits, and secret herbs. It is an all-natural plant-based enzyme supplement to help you deal with digestive enzyme deficiencies.

Extracts and Capsules

Not all forms of supplements are made equal. You want your enzyme supplements to be easily processed by your digestive system and not add more stress to it. That’s why LIVEN™ is developed as extracts and capsules making it easier to ingest.


Finally, LIVEN™ is readily available. Simply proceed to our LIVEN Manna Online Store to order yours. It’s safe, secure, and we can deliver anywhere in the country.

what our clients are saying

Mr. Doner U. Kho

Mr. Doner U. Kho, 55 years old at that time, government employee of DENR VII, Cebu City.

April 2005 He collapsed due to a tumor rupture in the stomach and internal hemorrhage. 40% of the stomach was removed and test results diagnosed him as GYST Cancer, stage 3.

After 2 months of operation, cancer re-occurs an additional 2 cyst found in his kidney. Doctors informed he may only survive 6 to 12 months.

Seeking doctor’s advice, he has to eat 3 to 5 bowls of vegetables and fruits without cooking every day to replenish the nutrients lost and give him energy.

Due to a series of financial difficulties, he enrolled under Novartis Pharmaceuticals to avail Glivec as his lifetime oral Chemo. Few months in medication gave him unbearable side effects. Thinning of skin, weak resistance to cold and heat, loss of appetite for food, irritability, and especially body cramps

With the deepest desperation, all sorts of alternative remedies, supplements, group support, healing ministries have been tried. Any referrals or advice he would try it just to survive.

Due to compounding debt and financial difficulties, he decided to formulate his own plant-based extract with 24 vegetables and 9 fruits which religiously take every day.

4-6 months continuously taking the extract had relieved him from side effects incurred from the oral chemo, most especially the whole body cramps. The restorative effect of the extract is taking its place. This had given him very high hopes and more faith in GOD.

Slowly he decreased his intake of the oral chemo instead of 4 cups daily he downgraded to 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening. This is without the doctor’s consent. Until such time he totally stopped taking the oral chemo. Some of the patients who took the same oral chemo at that time had died period.

One year after his community members and friends had noticed the changes in his physical appearance and he survived. He shared the story about the product he formulated himself. His friends from the community insisted they want to try the product.

Series of tests have been complied and licensed procured under FDA and DTI before sharing the product with his close friends. Since this product came as a blessing to the family, who is just like ordinary people surviving every day. The price of the product has been decided to be most affordable to any ordinary patient.

Up to the present, he is a cancer survivor for 15 years and actively sharing this product with others. He believes that all is from our God the creator and he is only an instrument to share this with the common people.


Forty-Six and I have been dwelling with an autoimmune ailment known as Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) or commonly known Lupus for a decade now. Lupus is acknowledged as “the exquisite imitator” because its symptoms mimic many other illnesses. It can also be unclear, can come and go, and can change your life's viewpoint.

My journey with lupus has been so very difficult but it made me a Warrior to combat for the gift of life. I've come across different drug treatments to alleviate my day-to-day challenges like my migraine, headaches, insomnia, brain fogs, hypertension, joint pains, extreme allergies, tummy hassle, and more.

Further, I become an advocate of organic and herbal food supplements and it made my survival easier. I have realized that LIFE IS AN ENZYME PROCESS…

Only plant enzymes initiate proper digestion, that is why when I take LIVEN Extract it spares the pancreas from doing desirable digestion and so I haven't felt any stomach aches anymore. I also observed that my headaches and migraine have stopped attacking me. I believed this is so because I've been well-rested in deep sleep. Likewise, my skin becomes smoother. It rejuvenates that make me seem youthful than my real age. My joint pains have gone and can move freely. Moreover, I have now enjoyed my favorite seafood menus which deprived me of savoring for the longest time due to allergies.

Liven Extract made me feel brand new! Thank you Project Manna for introducing this miracle plant-based enzyme to the community. Thank you for being a channel of God's blessings. Praise and glory to God!


June 28, my order of LIVEN™ Vegetable & Fruits Extract arrived. I immediately took 2 capsules 3x per day. I live in Ohio USA for 24 years with two children. I am now 30 years old on menipausal stage and underwent eye teridium surgery with an elevated blood sugar. After a month of taking LIVEN™ (Capsule) I noticed the following: 1. Blood sugar is almost back to normal. 2. The dried tear duct canal due to teridium surgery which requires eye drops every hour now need only two drops, one in the morning and another in the evening. 3. My warts gradually disappeared. 4. Skin allergy is contained. 5. Looks vigour & glowing. Our 16 year old pet cat is scheduled for dialysis due to urinary tract infection & kidney trouble. After our cat has taken LIVEN™ he has fully recovered and now very active and lively. Until now I take LIVEN™ daily.



My testimony after a day of drinking Liven.. My sugar level lowered from 246 to 153 and this morning lowered a bit to 151..


My father was rushed to the hospital due to short breathing with high BP. BP was 190/120. I immediately let him took liven extract while in the hospital. Wow grabe ka amazing after few hours BP was down to 130 and another few hours normal na to 110. And ang pinaka amazing all lab results were normal. When infact my father always had high creatinine level which is not good to the kidneys. He was also tested before with high sugar level, but now normal na tanan. How amazing is that? Our Liven Extract is heaven sent. Imagine how many people we can help? How many people are now suffering ailments? Reach them out. Save Lives! To God be all the Glory!



Gusto ko lang po e-share ang aking experienceafter taking Liven Extract. Last month(August 2020) inataki ako ng arthritis, hindi ako makapaglakad ng maayos, nahihirapan akong tumayo sa sobrang sakit ng talampakan ko (sole) hanggang sa dumating ang isang araw na gumamit ng ako ng tungkod (rod) para makatayo at makapaglakad ako. Nang uminom na ako ng Liven Extract unti-unting nawala ang kirot at pamamaga ng aking talampakan. Hanggang ngayon di na talaga bumalik ang arthritis ko. Salamat saDios! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!



1st ultra sound showed I had fatty liver with polyps in the wall of my liver, I was advised to change my diet ang get another test after 6 months. 2nd ultra sounds still shows fatty liver and polyps sizes increased. I was advised to take Lepetor for 6 months and get 3rd ultra sound. If same result shows, operation is recommended. 3 months after Doctor told me to stop medication because it will destroy my liver. I was very worried this time and I heard of LIVEN™ Vegetable & Fruits Extract during our prayer meeting, bought and take it seriously daily. 3rd ultra sound, results amazed and surprised the Doctor because my liver showed healthy and all polyps are gone. The Doctor asked me what medicine I took and I shared my story about LIVEN™ Vegetable & Fruits Extract. Until now I take LIVEN™ daily and actively selling and sharing my experience with the product.



Hindi ako nakapag hintay umaabot sa bahay I'm excited to take Liven ang sarap pala! hindi to umaabot ng 3 days sa akin 330ml dahal sa sarap niya thanks Liven Shop


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LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits Capsules
LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits Extract
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LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits Capsules
LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits Capsules
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LIVEN Lagundi Syrup 220mL
LIVEN Lagundi Syrup 220mL

LIVEN Tuob Additives 100mL
LIVEN Tuob Additives 100mL

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LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits in Tea Bags

LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits Soap
LIVEN Vegetables & Fruits Soap

LIVEN Facial & Skin Cleanser 100mL
LIVEN Facial & Skin Cleanser 100mL


Benefits of Taking LIVEN™

Now, you know how the quality of LIVEN™ Plant-Based Enzyme Supplement. Here are further reasons why you should buy one and make it your daily habit to take them:

  • Boost your Immune System making you more resistant to viruses and other ailments.
  • Serves as a Powerful Antioxidant and removes toxic materials in your body.
  • Enhance your Energy by helping you absorb nutrients from the food that you eat.
  • Lowers your Blood Sugar to prevent diabetes and heart ailments.
  • Rich in Natural Plant-Based Enzymes to aid your digestive system in properly processing what you eat.
  • Contains Potent Probiotics that help preserve the balance in your digestive system.
  • Promotes Healthy Weight Loss as it helps in your metabolism.
  • Keep your Skin Young and Glowing by removing toxins in your body.
  • Better Sleeping Habits as healthy digestion will promote longer and healthier sleeping habits.
  • Relieve Stress by improving digestion and regulating your blood functions.
  • Fuels Metabolic Regulators of the Body by proving all-natural, organic, plant-based enzymes.

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